DSC_3458-EditAt Fratelli’s, we believe that ingredients matter.  If you want a quality pizza, you have to start with quality ingredients.  If you want an Italian pizza, you need Italian ingredients.  So, we are constantly looking for suppliers who can supply us with the most authentic Italian ingredients that we can come by.

Many of our meats, as a consequence, are imported from Italy.  Our speck comes from the Alto Adige region of northern Italy, and our Gorgonzola cheese comes from the city by that name.  We get our prosciutto crudo from the region of Parma, Italy. Not only are our toppings from Italy, our pizza crust is made from Tipo “00” flour milled by Molino Caputo in Naples, Italy.  We also use Italian plum tomatoes for our tomato sauce.




When it comes to vegetables, we use a variety of fresh veggies, from local suppliers when available.  During the months that the Siloam Springs Farmer’s Market is open, we often shop the market for the veggies that will end up topping our pizzas.

Why all this hard work trying to find authentic, fresh ingredients?  When you taste our pizzas, you will taste the results!